Time to admit it guys.

This wikia is dying.

Yeah, with the majority of the original admins and the creator of this wikia missing, an overall lack of hype, being behind in designing and adding new Pokemon, and few users who continue to visit this wikia, things haven't been looking too hot on here these days.

As one of the few remaining contributors to this wiki, next to Crobatmaster, I say this wiki is long overdue for a major new coat of paint.

I'd hate to see this place sink, so I'm willing to take a considerable amount of my time to completely rework the look and style of this wiki. We're talking banners, shiny new templates (which I just recently started to learn how to make), a newly designed background, and getting rid of much of the unnecessary crap that has long dwelt on here and taken up space.

I'll be working hard on this wikia this weekend, so hopefully we'll see some drastic changes on here real soon. In other news, yes, I have indeed been hard at work designing Fairy types into the Uni Pokedex, so you'll all be seeing some of those real soon. I also plan on having a submission feature where people can send in their own hand made 'mon for use in the Wikia's Pokedex. 

Below I'll keep a full checklist of things that need to get done on this wikia, which I'll check off slowly as I make my plans for this wikia done.

  • Design a new banner for the top right corner. []
  • Replace the old current templates with shiner new ones that will be more easily accessible and easier to the eyes. []
  • New background. []
  • Get rid of all unnecessary articles and pages that do not have to do with the Wikia (I'll personally be doing this). []
  • Work on and finish all Fairy types. []
  • Finish the Uni Pokedex. []
  • Redo the entirety of the front page. []
  • Fix the badges page. []
  • Add moves, stats, abilities, etc to each and every single made Pokemon. []
  • Implement each Pokemon into the correct Pokedex template. []
  • Clean up the gym leader/elite four pages and their articles. []

Any and all help is always much appreciated. That being said, this is going to take a lot of work, haha...but I'll make it through.

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