Hello Trainers,

In case you haven't noticed, a Pokedex is being formed for our fictional region, the Uni region! What started out as a silly idea turned into this massive project, and I am excited to form a Pokedex together.

Also, I noticed less people are visiting the wiki, which is a shame because we had many more viewers before. In case your not interested in making the Pokemon, you can still join us and many others with premade Pokemon! Just ask which starter you'd like to start out with, which you can find here, and I'll put one under your roster! There's only two, though, the water and grass type. Making a fire type right now.

If you don't like the starter and would rather have a different Pokemon, you can find a few more common Pokemon you can find in the wild here, as well. Again, just message me on my talk page, and I'll put it under your roster!

If your not interested in battling or trading or anything of that stuff, why not help improve some articles? I can make the Pokemon, but I don't have all the time in the world, unfourtently, to make every last attack and stuff. Any help towards that is always welcome.

It's been a slow few months, but hopefully you will be interested in my ideas, and will want to take part in them.

Thank you!

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