Team nyan male grunt

Team Neon is a evil syndicate in the Uni Region. Their goal is to use the powers of the legendary Pokemon to resurrect the long lost data of Mewthree.


The grunts have slicked back black hair and wear a pair of glossy light blue glasses to conceal their eyes. They wear a black and light blue jacket, and are seen to be physically strong.

The leaders don't have the shades the grunts do, but they have wealthier clothing bought from high-end stores.


Here are the leaders of Team Neon, from left to right. Seperate articles for them coming soon.
Team neon leaders

Cross - A keen man, he is known for owning a rich mansion on the Uni region. He brags and boasts about the things he cherishes, as well as actively runs the Team Neon business. He enforces much of the bosses plans.

Ace - A young wicked boy, Ace had been interested in the powers of Pokemon since the age of five. As a ten year old, he joined Team Neon not only to resurrect Mewthree, but also joined in the hopes of teaching trainers how wrong they are in having Pokemon battle. He had a troubled, rarely spoken of childhood.

Juanne - A slick lady, Juanne is known for her good sense of fashion and her flirty personality. But beyond those adorable eyes lies a cruel woman who loses patience easily. After failing to be realized as a teacher, she joined Team Neon as means of educating others the true meaning of pain.


  • Each of these characters have their own battle themes.
  • Of the three, Ace is battled the most, with Cross being the least battled throughout the story.

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