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This is a page about stats.


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Defense Speed Attack
Admins add stats


Do not add your own stats to your own Pokémon. Only the template, to add:

{{Stats|Defense = Admins|Speed = add|Attack = stats}}

Best StatEdit

The best stat is based on your Pokémon and their type

  • Normal Type: None
  • Fire Type: Attack
  • Water Type: Speed
  • Electric Type: Speed
  • Grass Type: Speed
  • Ice Type: Defense
  • Fighting Type: Attack
  • Poison Type: Defense
  • Ground Type: Defense
  • Flying Type: Speed
  • Psychic Type: Attack
  • Bug Type: Speed
  • Rock Type: Defense
  • Ghost Type: Speed
  • Dragon Type: Attack
  • Dark Type: Speed
  • Steel Type: Attack