Gym Leader
Elite 4
Special Positions

The PokeFan Battle Universe Wiki has someSpecial Positions available for Elite 4 and Gym Leaders. These are filled as needed, and may be applied for by anyone, though applicants should be active and at least moderately experienced on the wiki. Applications are made on the Requests for special positions page.


Special Positions may be created or eliminated as needed by a Bureaucrat. All requests must be approved by a Bureaucrat before the applicant can take the position. Receiving a position does not automatically grant that user administrator or other privileges; those must be applied for separately. Applicants may be supported or opposed by the community, but the final decision rests with the deciding Bureaucrat. Users who choose to give their opinion - especially an opinion of opposition - should clearly justify their opinion.

Users who feel that a new Special Position should be created should contact a Bureaucrat with their idea and reasoning.

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