Rotundant is a ground/grass type that is unique in that he can't be found under normal circumstances. He was introduced in Generation 6.

How To GetEdit

Rotundant can be found at the Gardening Center in the Uni region. The area can only be accessed when you defeat all 8 gym leaders. Rotundant will be in the back of the Gardening Area at level 50.


Landslide - This move causes a flow of sand to fall from the sky. This lowers the opponents speed, and deals 55 damage.

Soiled - This move causes green sprouts underneath the ground to sprout and attack the opposing Pokemon. Deals 70 damage, and has a 10% chance of lowering the opponents accuracy.


  • Rotundant is one of the few Pokemon that is 100% Male, and therefore cannot be bred with another Rotundant.