Previous Form: N/A
Evolution: N/A
Gender: Female
Status: Healthy
Type: Grass/Electric
Poke Ball: Black Rose Ball
Usable by: Rosechu
Poke Ball

Rosechu is a grass/electric type Pokemon

Trainer (Creator)Edit

6007549 6d2d 625x625 Owner: Rosechu 6007549 6d2d 625x625



Rosechu has furry pink cheeks. Their eyes look a lot like moons. They are seen with a bright red rose on their head, and a pink curl on their forehead. They are also seen with green padding on the feet.


Lightning Leaves: With the speed and power of lightning, Rosechu shoots sharp leaves at her opponent
Thorn Rain: Electrically charged rose thorns strike the opponent from the sky
Tangle Shock: The opponent is captured with rose vines (with thorns) and is paralyzed
Rose Wall: A wall of thorns and electricity protects Rosechu from any attack


Attack Defence Speed
150 200 150