Admins if you wanna edit this page speak to the Champion (Kululu12) before making an edit.


  1. Audience is not supposed to speak when a battle is in progress.
  2. No foul language while chatting
  3. No spamming in chat(emotes count, too many and u will be banned from chat)
  4. You will be given a warning if u disobey these rules, after that u will be kickbanned

How to RPB

  1. Referee choses an arena
  2. All battling trainers say something like "Go Kuluzar!" or whatever your Pokémon's name is
  3. Say things like "Attack with Dragon Claw", "Dodge", etc.
  4. The Referee will say something like "Kuluzar's attack hit, now dragan is frozen". A play by play description
  5. The Referee will decide who wins(decition will be unbais)

Points/stats system


  • Stats are based on your Pokémon, if it is a earth type it is most likely to have a high defence, etc.
  • Trainer = 150 for 2 and 200 for 1(speed,attack, and defence)
  • Gym Leader = 200 for 2 and 250 for 1(speed, attack, and defence)
  • Elite 4 = 300 for 2 and 350 for 1(speed, attack, and defence)
  • Champion = 450 for all(speed,attack, and defence)
  • Cost 5PC for 1 stats (example: 500PC = +100stats) only for 1 power(attack, defence, speed) for 1 Pokémon.

If you would like to increase ur stats there are items at the Pokéshop that can increase them.

If you believe these stats are unfair speak with the champion(Kululu12)

EXP Rate

  • 1vs1=Winner:50EXP Looser:10EXP
  • 2vs2=Winner:75EXP Looser:15EXP
  • Team Battle(3+ vs 3+)=Winner: 100EXP Looser: 20EXP
  • All out battle= Winner 40EXPx number of people; Looser 15EXPx number of people

Pokecoins Rate

  • 1vs1=Winner:300PC Looser: 175PC
  • 2vs2=Winner: 450PC Looser: 225PC
  • Team battle(3+ vs 3+) Winner: 200PCx number of people; Looser: 100PCx number of people
  • All out battle= WInner 50PCx number of people; Looser 20PCx number of people

Level Rate

  • 5 EXP = +1 LV(1 Pokémon only)
  • If you reach LV50 your Pokémon gets a 100Stat boost for each power(attack,defence, speed)