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If a user wishes to become an Administrator, they can apply here.

Copy and paste an application into the request please.

Anyone can comment on the nomination, but the final decision will be made by the Bureaucrats.

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Crobatmasters Request - ApprovedEdit

I, crobatmaster, aka damien, request adminship. and a spot in the eliye four :P

1. I have been here FEBRUARY 12, 2012.

2. I was never inactive for more the a couple of days.

3. I have been in 15 battles

4. I have never been kickbanned

B - I have never been kickbanned.

5.I would say yes that I make proper edits.

B - I have 376 edits.

6.I understand the responsibilities.

7. I know how to kickban

8. I have reffed about 4 times.

9. Made pages, been a gym leader, keeping pages up-to-date, and suggested the idea of abbilities.

10. As an admin, I will also be part of the elite 4 (am i right?). I have only lost 2 battles as a gym leader. I always correct mistakes I see in pages, except for stories.

- Crobatmaster

Badao - Closed Edit

I, Omega, nominate Badao for adminship and a spot in the Elite 4.

1.) He has been on this wiki since FEBRUARY 1, 2012.

2.) He has been inactive on this wiki but only because he doesn't have the time. He has been inactive for about 1 week at a time.

3.) He has fought in 10 battles.

4.) No, he has never been kickbanned.


5.) Yes, he edits very neatly and efficiently.

B-390 Edits

6.) Badao:Yes I do. As a gym leader, I know the responsibilities.

7.) Badao:Yes i do. I know very well how to kickban

8.) Badao:I have refed about 5-15 times

9.) He has edited the wiki and come up with some ideas (nursery,)

10.) I am a current gym leader so i know how to be an elite 4 as i have had a long time experience ever since i joined this wiki and is why i should be an admin.