This is a shop for Trainers who would like to purchase pokemon and/or sell pokemon. There are a few rules to selling ur pokemon. Go here is you would like to sell or buy Items Pokéshop

Total Poke-coins


  1. No one is allowed to edit this page except for admins and the store keeper (Pizza)
  2. The market receives 50% of your profit if u decided to put a pokemon up for sale(if u think this is unfair contact the champion Kululu12)
  3. If you want to add a pokemon to the shop you will need to post a comment to the comments section.
  4. You are allowed to set a price, but the Champion will decided if it is fair or not. If it is not fair the Champion or shop keeper will ask for another price.
  5. If you would like to purchase a pokemon leave a comment in the comments section and the Champion or Shop keeper(pizzaboy4853) will notify u when u receive ur pokemon.
  6. The pokemon must be registered to be listed in the Pokemon Shop.

Pokemon In Stock

Pokemon Creator Price Amount
Phiobi Kaitranzer 600 PC N/A
Slugzor Pyie 300PC N/A
Solda Nile and Co.: 500PC 1
Turko Nile and Co.: 500PC 1
Pegark Nile and Co.: 500PC 1
Drag Nile and Co.: 500PC 1

Nile and Co.:'s Pokemon cannot be bought until April 8th, if he returns before that date the pokemon are to be removed from the market

Starter Pokemon

All of these starter pokemon are free. Request what pokemon you would like in the comments.

Pokemon Amount

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