Its a bright and sunny day. Birds are chirping and the wind is blowing. RING!! Omega's alarm clock sounds. My mom pops i the door and says "Rise and shine!"
"Ok mom i'll be right down." I say wearily.
I pop out of bed and get ready for the day. I come downstairs and see that i had a special breakfast made, but I saw no sign of my mom anywhere. Right when I sit down, my mom pops up and screams "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You turn 10 today. I talked to professor Kululu and he said hes ready for your journey. You will pick up your new pokemon tomorrow. OH MY GOSH! WE GOT TO START PACKING!"
Mom runs upstairs to start packing.
"Yess. I can finally start my journey....... tomorrow." I say happily while eating my breakfast.
15 Hours Later
"Go to bed and rest up for tommorow" My mom says.
"Ok..." I say "uuh....." and my voice trails off.
"What was that son?"
"Wait! Omega! I want to give you something."
Omega walks back down the stairs.
"This is a pokemon i want you to have."
"Oh my gosh, thank you thank you thank you!

Chapter 1-My New Pokemon!Edit

RING!! Omega's alarm clock sounds. I wake up and I ride my bike to professor Kululu's lab. I burst through the door and I stumble on something. Professor Kululu hears me and comes over. He gives me his hand and says "Hi nice to meet you, I'm professor Kululu and you must be.... Omega"
"Hello Professor, yes I'm Omega and I'd like to start my journey."
"Very well then, please come with me."
Both walk to pokemon starter section.
"This is where you get to choose a pokemon."
"You can choose between Bubbles, Vesper, or Heat"
"Um............. I will choose..... VESPER!"
"Good choice, this pokemon is grass and poison."
"YES I got Vesper!"

Chapter 2-A New FriendEdit

"Wait before you leave, i want you to have these, pokeballs and a pokedex."
"Ok thanks! Bye I'm leaving on my journey now!"
"Ahhhhhh.. the kids these days"
"GO Vesper!"
Turns on pokedex.
Vesper is a grass and poison type pokemon. Its evolved form is Vespa. This pokemon is the snake pokemon. It has a tail that can ratlle to scare away enemies.
Tail Thwack
Poison Knot
Leaf Storm
Grass Sting
"Vesper! Tail Thwack on that bush!"
Stranger scratches his head.
"Oh my gosh! I am so.. sorry."
"Its ok, I was looking for my pokemon Mink, have you seen him?"
"What does he look like?"
"It is small, white, and it looks kind of like an eel."
"OK I don't think I've seen it but lets start looking!"
"I think I found it!" yelled the stranger.
The pokemon jumps of and into a lake nearby.
"Where is it!" I said.
"It jumped into the la..." his voice trailed off.
"I'm going to help you get Mink back! Don't give up yet! Go horuseus!"
Turns on pokedex.
"Wow that's a cool pokemon you got there!"
"I know, it was a gift from my mom"
"Say, how long have you been on this trip of yours?"
Looks at watch.
"Apparently... 1 hour."
Stranger spit takes.
"WHAT?! 1 HOUR?!"
"Wow, can i come with you on your journey?"
"Yeah, but first, lets get your pokemon back!"
"Oh right, my pokemon, yeah lets go!"

Chapter 3-Saving a Trainer's PokemonEdit

"First, lets see what Horuseus' moves are."
Mystic Zone
Mystic Inferno Flare
Mystic Inferno Ice
Mystic Sun God
"Awesome!" I yelled. "Horuseus, when Mink jumps up, freeze the water with Mystic Inferno Ice!"
Splash! Mink jumps up. Horuseus uses Mystic Inferno Ice.
"Mink Return" The stranger commands. I haven't properly introduced myself, I'm Damien but I like to be called Tama."
"OK Tama, nice to meet you, and yes, I'd like you to come with me on my journey."
Both walk into the forest
"It's a nice day out isn't it Tama?"
"Yeah it's nice, why don't you say we have a battle?"
"OK! Lets go!"

Chapter 4-My First BattleEdit

"Go Horuseus!"
"Go Mink!"
"Horuseus, strike him with Mystic Inferno Flare!"
"Dodge it Mink!"
Mink swiftly dodges.
"Wow, that Mink is fast" I said under my breath.
"GO Mink! Water Shoot!"
"Horuseus, evaporate it with Mystic Inferno Flare!"
Mystic Inferno Flare hits while Water Shoot evaporates.
"Yeah! Now! Attack with Mystic Inferno Ice."
"Mink! Use Evasive Action!"
Mink dodges.
"HORUSEUS! Rapid Fire Mystic Sun God!"
Mink gets hit rapidly and faints.
"Yay! I win!" I yell.
"Aww.... Good battle."
"Yeah great battle!" I say cheerily.
They walk until they get to Obsisian City. They go into the Pokemon Center to heal their pokemon.
"Tomorrow, I'm going to challenge the gym!" I say.
"Ok I'm going to battle after."
They retrieve their pokemon and they sleep in the Pokemon Center. In the morning, they walk to the Akumila City Gym.

Chapter 5-My First Gym BattleEdit

They walk into the gym.
"Hello? Is anybody here? I'd like to challenge the gym leader to a gym battle!"
Nobody answered.
Just then, someone walked in. "Hellooooo! My name is Burnie and I'm the gym leader of Obsidian City!"
"OK then! I challenge you to a battle!" I say.
"Ok, come with me." Burnie calls way ahead.
Omega and Tama run to catch up with Burnie.
"This is our battlefield!" Burnie says.
"Wow" Omega and Tama say at the same time "This... Is... AWESOME!"
"Yeah, well... are we going to get to our battle now?"
"Yeah, lets do it!"
"Referee! Get in here, I have been challenged!" Burnie yells.
"I'm COMING! Just wait!" Referee yells "Jeez" she then mutters.
Referee walks in and onto her reffing platform.
"The rules are simple, each trainer will battle with one pokemon, when a pokemon passes out, the owner of that pokemon loses."
"Ok i got it" I say.
"Lets start this!" Burnie yells "I'm fired up! GO PEGASCORCH!"
"Alright! GO HORUSEUS, stand by for battle!"
"Pegascorch! Use Inferno Rush!"
"Dodge it and use MYSTIC INFERNO ICE!"
Horuseus dodges and hits with Mystic Inferno Ice but doesn't freeze the enemy.
"GRRRRRR..... Pegascorch! On your feet! Keep using FURY WINGS!"
"Um.... Uh..... Horuseus! Use Mystic Inferno Flare!"
Fury Wings hit once and Mystic Inferno Flare misses.
"GO HORUSEUS! Mystic Zone!"
Mystic Zone strikes and leaves a powerful scar. Pegascorch falls to the ground.
"NO! Pegascorch! Get up!"
Pegascorch does not get up.
"Pegascorch is unable to battle. Omega and Horuseus win the match. The victory goes to the challenger," Referee says.
Burnie walks to the badge room to get a badge for Omega while the referee congrats Omega.
Burnie walks back to Omega and holds out a box with a badge inside. "Here Omega, this badge if for you for beating me."
"Thank you," Omega replies. He then turns around and jumps up. "YES I Just Got... My First Gym Badge!"
"Yeah Yeah.... Now i challenge you to a gym battle Burnie!" Yells Tama.
"Ok... Maybe tomorrow."
"Aw....... ok....." Tama says sadly.

To Be Continued...