Merrick prepared himself. He figured he'd run into some trouble with Pawniard and his gang of no-good bandits. Just think of master Reshiram's technique, he thought to himself, just think of that move...that...that glowing one.

A sphere of power formed before the palm of his hands. He grinned to himself. Yes, he thought, the great Aura Sphere. If I aim well, I can knock all three back easily.

He charged the attack a little longer and let it loose, a fury of colorful blue coming at the dismayed Pawniard, Deino, and Elgyem at a alarming speed. It burst in mid air, sending the Pokémon flying. But Pawniard wasn't clumsy. He got up on his feet the second his back landed on the ground, and he prepared a night slash, which barely missed Merrick. Elgyem and Deino, though hurt, still had some fight in them, and readied their attacks as well.

Merrick ran from side to side, dodging the attacks getting flung at him and the surprisingly fast swipes. Reshiram really taught me well, he thought to himself, and there's no way his gift he gave me is going to waste.

He took out the smoke ball from out of his ear, which was snugly fit in there so that it wouldn't be seen, but could easily have been reached. Before the gang could relaize it, Merrick through the ball down, causing smoke to enshround the area, and Merrick took the chance to run toward Zekrom Castle.

He saw it right there, the Orb Of Light. He grinned. But then he frowned a little, for as he looked closer, he noticed that parts of the orb was covered in dark clouds, which seemed to be sucking out the light from the orb.

He ran right towards it. He had to retrieve it before Zekrom could...

Suddenly, the area got insanely dark. Dark, ominous clouds rolled around the pillar which held the orb. Inside the darkness, another dark outline could be seen. It was a large, menacing figure. Oh dear lord, Merrick thought, it can't be Zekrom, no...