As he traveled the holy gray land, he felt a sense of pride. Merrick, the Riolu, was about to graduate from the acedemy to be promoted from traveler to guardian. He was ready for such a big responsibility, and couldn't wait to get ahold of this power master Reshiram mentioned.

Up high in the sky laid a land that could not be seen by any ordinary eye. Only angels, guardians, or truly special Pokémon like Merrick could see this land. For years, Merrick had resided in that area, training, honing his skills to become a master warrior of martial arts.

Today, his task was to retrieve a item that their neighbors, the horrible, cruel Zekrom tribe, had recently stolen from them.

There's a type of bridge that connects Reshirams land with Zekroms. He was to travel along the bridge and into the darkness in order to retrieve it back.

Merrick took up his bag, which was equipped with a few berries to keep up his stamina, and headed out toward the dark.

"Once I finish this task," he thought "I'll become a true guardian for Master Reshiram. My dreams will finally become a reality"

As he was thinking of this, he also started thinking about the land beneath his. The 'neutral' land, he thought. Many more Pokémon resided there, and while not all were kind, they did possess diverse and unique properties, at least according to Reshiram. Merrick's never been down there, but he hopes that his promotion will convince Reshiram to...

Suddenly, a shadowy figure was seen up ahead. Feeling his pressence known, he suddenly shifted, slipped, and then made a break for their leader, Zekrom.

He thought it might have been a Pawniard, but he wasn't sure. But if it was...

Merrick ran off after him, feeling the strength of the sinister lands power crumble his sense of heroism. But he had to get the orb back. It's what stores Reshirams power, and he is said to be weaker without it. Who knows what horror Zekrom would unleash if he used the orb's power.

Just then, Pawniard showed up, back with a few friends in tow.

"My my Merrick, fancy meeting you here. The orb you want? Yeah, Zekrom's not giving it back. It's power could unleash chaos before the land, putting the light behind in place of darkness." Pawniard smirked.

"Sweet, delicious darkness" Mumbled the Elgyem behind Pawniard.

"Drep yup! No way we lettin' you get ahold of that orb, I tell ya what." Growled Deino.

Pawniard brought his arms together to sharpen them and pointed at Merrick.

"The end is coming, Merrick! And on your graduation day. How upsetting"