As we left are heroes they were traversing through the Sandstone Desert and are almost to the end.

Delta: Only a few hundred yards left!


Delta: Don't whine it's not that far.



  • A wild Pokémon jumps on Delta's face!*

Hissnipe Runt: Hissnipe!

Delta: It's you!

  • Delta hugs Hissnipe*

Pyie: Never suspect to see him again!

Delta: Whatcha need?

Hissnipe: Hiss hiss hiss!

  • Hissnipe explains that it wants to be caught*

Pyie: Ok! Goooooooo Pokeball!


  • Hissnipe slaps pokeball away*

Pyie: OOOOOOOH so you want DELTA to catch you

Delta: Well ok!

Hissnipe: Hiss hiss!

  • Hissnipe explains it wants to battle to see if Delta is strong enough to train a Hissnipe runt and that it would be hard*

Delta: OK! Lets start!


Pegasear: Peg Pega!

Pyie: I'll ref! Let the battle BEGIN!

Delta: Pegasear use fire gust!

Pegasear: Pega Pega Pega!

Hissnipe: *Takes some damage* Hiss! *Uses Fang Dagger*

Delta: Whoa that was fast!

Pegasear: Peggggga!

Delta: Now use Wing Slash!

Pegasear: Peeeeeeeeegasearrrrrrrr!!!!!

Hissnipe: Hisssss! *Hissnipe uses Sand Sphere but it doesn't work*

Pyie: Hissnipe. You realise your Ground type moves don't work oon a Flying type like Pegasear right?

Hissnipe: Hiss...Hiss! *Hissnipe uses Fang Chomp*

Pegasear: PEEEEEGASEAR!!!!

Delta: Wow you're one tough cookie! I like my cookies hard so you're just my type! Pegasear use Flaming Leap!!!

Pegasear: Peeeeeegggggggggaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! SEEEEEEEEEEEAAAARRRRRR!

Hissnipe: Hissssssssss!!!!! *Hissnipe then uses Fang Dagger to counter*

  • Pegasear look at each other contently then Hissnipe gets ready to use Fang Chomp while Delta calls Pegasear to use Flaming Leap*


  • Both clash and there is a big explosion*

Pegasear: Pega Pega *Breathes hard and is covered in damage*

Hissnipe: Hisssssss *Breathes hard and is covered in damage*

  • Both stare extremely hard at each other and.........*

Hissnipe: Hisssssssss *Hissnipe faints*

Delta: YA!

Delta: Ok now goooooooooooooo pokeball!!!!!!!!!

  • Pokeball hits Hissnipe and Hissnipe flashes in*

Pokeball: Flash Flash....Flash Flash....Flash Flash..............Ping!

Delta: *Picks up pokeball* YA! The first Pokémon I ever caught! I got a Hissnipe!!!

Pyie: Nice job both of you!

  • Delta lets Hissnipe out*

Delta: Ok Hissnipe welcome to the famiy!

Hissnipe: Hiss!

Our heroes have a new friend coming along in Delta's team, Hissnipe! Keep watching to see what's next!