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Pokemon Powers Unite Chapter 3: Delta's First Battle!

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Our hero, Delta is about to start his first Pokémon battle! This will be his first since he started his journey...

Delta: Ok Pegasear! Fire Gust!

Pegasear: Pega...sear! sear! sear!

Pyie: Speagle Beak Stab!

Speagle: Speeeeagle!

Both Colide with emence power

Delta: Ok! Lets go Flaming Leap!!!

Pyie: Wing Spear!

Pegasear: Pega....Seeeeeear!

Speagle: Speagllllllleeeeeeeee!!!!

Delta + Pyie: (Pegasear or Speagle) are you ok?

Pegasear and Speagle: Hmph!

Pyie: Lets do it! Loud Shriek!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pegasear: Peeeeeeg!

Delta: Hurry use Wing Slash up close!!!!!

Pegasear: Hmph Pegasear! Pegaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Delta: Now spin around and repeadedly slice and dice Speagle!

Pegasear: Pegaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Sear Sear Sear Sear Sear!!!!!!!!!!!

Speagle: Speeeeeeagle!!!

Delta: Now! Fire Gust!


Pyie: Speagle!?!?!?!?

Speagle: Speeeeagle...*Faints*

Delta: Ya!!!! I won!!!

Pyie: Hey! You're good! Speagle rest up by that tree. Ummmm since you're on this journey can I come?

Delta: Of course!

Pyie: YAY!

Delta: Wait you didn't let me finish

Pyie: ...

Delta: I was going to say of course NOT!

Pyie: WHA!?!?!?!

Delta: Just kidding! That's for jumping out at me from that tree!

Pyie: Ok then we better get headed to the first gym!

Delta: Ok then! I'll use my Pokepod and check the map...

Delta: Hmm it says we have to cross the Sandstone get to the closest gym...

Pyie: Then lets hurry and you better bemstrong cause I ere the Pokémon out there are pretty strong! I here the sandstorms there are also the toughest in the Uni Reigon!

Delta: Well, i'm ready!

Our heroes set off to Sandstone Desert to get to the first gym! Tune in next time to see them again!

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