Just starting his new journey our hero Delta is walking through a forest battling Pokémon....

Delta: Pegasear use Fire Gust to finish it off!

Pegasear: Peg peg peg peg!!!

Pegasear shoots a volley of flames!

Durabox: DuraaaaaaaBOX! Durabox dodges and runs away...

Delta: What was that Pokémon!?! Checks Pokedex...

'Durabox the Strong Dog 'Pokémon: Durabox has powerful teeth which it uses to defend itself.

Delta: Cool! Well I guess we should get going...

???: Yah!

Delta and Pegasear: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

???: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You should've seen your faces when we came out of that tree!

Delta: HEY!!!!

???: Dude get over it!

Delta: Ok I guess by the way my names Delta and this is Pegasear my trusty partner!

Pegasear: Pegasear!

???: My names Pyie and this is Speagle.

Speagle: Speeespeee!

Delta: Wow! Checks P'okedex

Speagle the Sharp Wing Pokémon: Speagle uses its wings as blades or spears to slice its opponents.

Delta: Nice Pokémon

Pyie: Ya in fact...wanna battle?

Delta: Sure!

Pyie: Then lets go your up Speagle!

Speagle: Speeeee!

Delta: Ok then Pegasear lets go!

To be continued...