One day in the Uni Reigon a boy woke up from bed on his birthday. His tenth birthday and he was exiced to embark on his Pokémon journey. But then...


Delta: WHAAAAAAAA!!!! Oh it's just you Pegasear

Pegasear is Delta's trusty partner and is excited as he is to go on a journey through the Uni reigon

Delta goes downstairs with Pegasear...


Delta: WOW!!! What a breakfast!!! Thanks mom! Delta eats and changes clothes

Mom: Ok now do you have everything, your chlothes, your food, your toothbrush, Pegasear's poke ball...

Delta: I'm good mom and I know it!

Mom: Ok then go get to Professor Kululu's Lab!

Delta: Ok mom! Heads to the lab...

Kululu: Why hello Delta!

Delta: HI professor Kululu!

Kululu: I've heard you've turned 10 and are ready to start your journey!

Delta: Yep! But i've already got my trusty partner Pegasear!

Kululu: Well that's a fine Pokémon so i'll give you your pokeballs...Gives pokeballs...

Delta: Thanks! Well, time to embark on my journey!

Kululu: So long and happy battles! Such a great kid- wait...trainer i should say.

To be continued...