It is a bright day, while Kululu heads off on his journey to become the best trainer in the world. He is walking in a forest full of Pokémon.

Stranger: Hello

Kululu: umm.....Hello

Kululu looks around but doesn't see anyone.

The stranger hops out from behind the bushes.

Stranger: Hello, my name is jake, nice to meet you.

Kululu: oh...hello, I am kululu, nice to meet you too.

Jake: I am here in the forest searching for my Pokémon, Temin.

Kululu: Want some help finding him?

Jake: That'll be great thanks.

Jake and Kululu search around for Temin. Then hear a noise from behind some bushes.

Kululu: You hear that?

Jake: Ya

Both Jake and Kululu sneak up and peek through the bush, to see wild Peoron have captured a Pokémon and are holding the Pokémon is a wood cell.

Jake: That's Tem.....

Kululu covers Jake's mouth. The peoron turn and look at the bush Kululu and Jake are hiding behind. But turn back around after not seeing anything.

Kululu: We can surprise attack them and get your Pokémon back.

Jake: Okay, sounds like a plan.

Kululu: Go Pheonoa!

Kululu summons Pheonoa and the wild Peoron turn in surprise. The wild Peoron attack.

Kululu: Attack with Water Cannon!

Two Peoron were blown back and the third one ran away.

Kululu: Good job Pheonoa! Return!

Pheonoa goes back in its pokeball.

Jake: I cannot that you enough for the help you have given me.

Kululu: No problem, glad to help. Goodbye, hope to see you again sometime.

Jake: We will, I just know it.

And from there Kululu continues on with his journey of become the best trainer in the Uni Region.


  • Jake
  • Kululu