There is a boy named Kululu who wanted to become the best trainer in the Uni-Reigion. He was going to set off on a journey to become the best trainer in the Uni-Region. He lives in Kuluzar Village. A small village in a valley, that loves dragon type Pokemon.

Kululu:Mom, today is the day I sat off on a journey and become the best trainer in the Uni-Region Kululu's Mom:I am going to miss you Kululu, I hope you accomplish your dream of becoming the best trainer in the Uni-Region. Good Luck!!

Kululu:I will miss you too, mom. Bye!

Then, Kululu went to Professor Dashwood lab to speak about his starter Pokemon. Kululu walks into Professor Dashwood's lab to see three pokeballs set out on the table.

Professor Dashwood: Here we have three Pokemon Pheonoa, Lupris, and Scorch.Phonoa is a water type Pokemon that specializes in attack power, Lupris is a grass type that specializes in speed, and the last one Scorch specializes in defense with his iron fire defense wall.

Kululu:Hmm... this is a tough desition, they are all so wonderful, but I chose the water type Phonoa."

Professor Dashwood:Good decision, here is his pokeball

Professor hands Kululu the pokeball for Pheonoa.

Kululu:Hello new partner

From there Kululu thanks Professor Dashwood and heads out of the Lab. This is where Kululu's Journey begins, where his first stop is Akumila Town. To battle the Fire Gym.