Chapter 1:My Journey BeginsEdit

One day in Poke Town, a boy named Naruto Uzumaki wanted to be a Pokémon master.He always wanted to be a Pokémon master after he saw a Pokémon battle on t.v. When Naruto was about 9 years old, he found out that you could be a Pokémon trainer at age 10. Naruto was so excited about becoming a Pokémon trainer next year

One year passed and Naruto had just turned 10 years old yesterday

It was 9:00am in the morning and Naruto just got out of bed.

"YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!"cried Naruto Uzumaki. "Finally, I can become a Pokémon trainer!!! I got to start packing so I can get a Pokémon before Shinnia or Pyie!!!"

Naruto tries to look for his backpack

"Hey!" Naruto cried.

Naruto tries to look for his backpack harder

"HEY!!!!! WHERE'S MY BACKPACK MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Naruto like he was tring to wake up the whole neighborhood.

Naruto's mom walkes in Naruto's room

"WHY ARE U YELLING!!" yelled Naruto's mom like she was trying to wake up the world.

"Mom,where's my backpack?!?!?!!?!?!" cried Naruto, ingoring his mom.

"Oh,"replied Naruto's mom."I already packed ur backpack for u".

Naruto's mom showed Naruto his backpack

Right when Naruto's mom showed Naruto's backpack,Naruto snatched the backpack out of Naruto's mom's hand and ran for the door

"Thanks mom,I got to go now!!!! Bye!!!"

Naruto ran out the door

Naruto's mom walked to the door and watched Naruto run to Professor Riley's lab

"Impaient as always," said Naruto's mom quietly while smiling.

"It's time to begin my journey!!!! Watch out trainers, Naruto Uzumaki is coming for u!!!!"

To Be Continued In The Next Pokémon Chapter...Starter Pokémon!!!Edit

Pokemon Gray Chapter 2: Starter Pokemon

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