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Previous Form: none
Evolution: phioberses
Gender: female
Health: full
Energy: full
Status: healthy
Type: fire/fighting
Poke Ball: sime pokeball
Usable by: kaitranzer
Poke Ball

Phiobi is the third pokemon of kai. It was catched by Kai in kolyansian woods .

History Edit

She bought up by her family.As a tail of swallows attacked her she was injured and kai took her as her pokemon.After two weeks she recovered and as kai was going to release her she stays with kai in his gym training hard.

Personality Edit

She practice punching in the gym with kai.She loves to play with kai as always kai does and she is very much kind to his pokemon friends especially to Gortanzor.After kai lost his post as gym leader of kolanysia she is very sad and always gives her best in training for kai to get back his post.


Flame kick :
The pokemon uses her long botom leg to kick and burn opponents.
Flame punch :
The pokemon punches with her hard hand it can burn opponents.
Flame rolling :
The pokemon rolls rapidly while shoot huge fire balls at his opponents.
Flame spear:
As the pokemon charges a fire towards a opponents she revies 20 percent of enegy.

Attack Defence Speed
250 200 200