6007549 6d2d 625x625 Owner: Pizzaboy4853 6007549 6d2d 625x625
6007549 6d2d 625x625 Pokemon Statistics 6007549 6d2d 625x625
Defense Speed Attack
200 200 250
Previous Form: Pegasear
Evolution: Pyrogasus
Gender: Male
Energy: full
Status: healthy
Type: Fire/Flying
Poke Ball: Flare Ball
Poke Ball

Pegascorch is the evolution of Pegasear. Its owner is me, Pizza. It evolves at level 46. Level Currently: 23 It is a Fire/Flying type.


Pegascorch has a body very similar to Pegasears only more big and with more powerful, bigger wings. It also has a bolder voice and attitude but it also can fly for a much larger amount of time.


Burning Wings:Edit

It is sort of an upgraded fire gust where it shoots super powerful flames at the opponent (Fire).

Sky Smasher:Edit

Pegasear takes the power of the sky and turns it into a sphere of energy and hurls it at the opponent (Flying).

Fury Wings:Edit

Pegasears wings glown in a silver hue and they get enveloped in energy and it slashes. It is an upgrade to Wing Slash (Flying).

Inferno Rush:Edit

Pegasear is engulfed in an inferno of fire in the sky and shoots down at its opponent. It is like an upgrade to Flaming Leap.

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