Neromen TownspeopleEdit

Brythen (Pyie)

Neromen TownEdit

Neromen Town is Brythen's home town. Neromen Town is a small, friendly, safe town but is now deserted because of an attack that was held 10 years ago when Brythen was very young. Everyone either died or hid from the attackers and then left the town after the attack. Brythen barely remebers the event himself. His father stayed to train Brythen to be a pokemon trainer and fighter himself. As a gift he gave him Speagle. One day he went to gather food for us but never returned. Brythen stayed in the town alone with speagle and the rest of the pokemon he has. He undergoes training with his pokemon everyday. He himself contructed a map of the area so he never got lost. Most of the houses were burnt down. Brythen's house is damaged but good enough to live in. The attackers never showed up again and Brythen lived there alone with Speagle and the rest.

Open To travelersEdit

Neromen Town is open for people who wish to live here. If anyone wishes to live here then you may inform Pyie and he can set it up. There are fields with pokemon all around the area in case people want to go train and/or catch new team memebers. The town even has a gym set up for trainers who want to battle eachother.

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