Nancy is your rival as well as childhood friend since the Elementary days. She will help you out on numerous occasions as well as battle here and there. She uses the Starter Pokemon that is weak to yours.


1st BattleEdit

Leazard (If chose Burny) (Level 5)

Burny (If chose Aquox) (Level 5)

Aquox (If chose Leazard) (Level 5)

2nd BattleEdit

Leazard, Burny, or Aquox (Level 11)

Tyker (Level 9)

Spruit (Level 10)

3rd BattleEdit

Dracmoss, Rabburny, or Mariney (Level 27)

Woodrow (Level 25)

Lomberant (Level 25)

Fooliage (Level 26)

4th BattleEdit

ThornaceralTorchury, or Fridgerox (Level 42)

Royaleck (Level 41)

Lomberant (Level 40)

Groviant (Level 40)

Tublot (Level 38)


ThornaceralTorchury, or Fridgerox (Level 55)

Royaleck (Level 55)

Lomberant (Level 55)

Groviant (Level 55)

Tublot (Level 55)

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