Nickname(s): mix
Gender: female
Type: mixed(a combo of a lot of types)
Poke Ball: masterball
Usable by: badao
Poke Ball
Masterball masterball

Description Edit

Mixura is a Pokémon that has been mixed and mixed until it turned into this

Statistics Edit

6007549 6d2d 625x625 Pokemon Statistics 6007549 6d2d 625x625
Defense Speed Attack
200 250 200

6007549 6d2d 625x625 Owner: Badao12345 6007549 6d2d 625x625


mixed blast (admin will add damage)

mixura makes a blast that has all the elements in it

mix shield (admin will add damage)

mixura makes a shield that blocks fire,water,flying and earth type attacks

mix ram (admin will add damage)

mixura cloacks itself with random types then rams into a target

the element (admin will add damage)

mixura makes a teammate get all of the types for the battle or increases mixuras power