Artwork General
Uni Dex: #120
Evolves From: None
Evolves Into: None
Pronunciation: Im-ag-ee-can
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 100 Species: Imagination Pokémon
Attack: 100 Type(s): Normal
Defense: 100 Height: ???m
Special Atk: 100 Weight: ??? lb
Special Def: 100 Abilities: Imagine
Stat Total: 600 Gender: 5% ♀/ 95% ♂

Imagican is a legendary Pokemon, and the last numbered Pokemon on the Uni Pokedex.


Imagican was not a naturally born Pokemon: Rather it was created from the mentality of a very strong-minded individual. The child's name is unknown, but it was said he didn't like the majority of the Pokemon that inhabitedthe Uni Region, and as such, came up with the concept of Imagican, who materialized before his eyes. Imagican at that time didn't have any feelings and emotion, due to it just being created, but it took a liking to the child, and the two hung out everyday.

One night, Imagican, who had become increasingly curious of the world around him, slipped out the childs room unseen through a window. It explored the area, taking in the sights and sounds. It's imagination started getting the best of it, as it imagined the trash cans along the sides as fruits, the sidewalks to be edible crackers, and the lightposts large candy canes. It formed an entire realm for it's desire.

This was just a childhood story, though, and is not believed by many but the most crazed enthusiasts.


Sweet and bubbly, it enjoys using it's imagination to conjure up new objects. It's very creative, and loves playing childish games.


Imagine - This move is exclusive to Imagican. It takes a turn to charge up an attack, than sends the beam of energy at the opponent the next. The move type is ???, but is always super effective.

Metronome - Uses a random move from the Pokemon universe.

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