Frozilian is a ice type legendary Pokemon that serves as the main protecter of the Uni region. It is found at level 50.


Frozilian has thick white fur, with a purple spike coming out of each side of it's body. It has two back wings to help itself propel to faster speeds, and the majority of it's body consists of blue flames.

How to obtainEdit

Frozilian is only encountered after you defeated the Elite Four and the champion. Go to the end of the Cave Of Endings to find Merrick investigating the rampaging Frozilian. He tries to capture it in order to tend to it's wounds, but it escapes before he gets the chance. Merrick remarks on how such a beautiful creature gets so much pain and torment from outsiders.

Once you meet Frozilian for the first time, explore various icy areas until you find Merrick and Frozilian yet again. Merrick manages to sooth it long enough for you to battle and capture it. Merrick believes it will make for a "great part of your team", and walks away smiling.

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