Artwork General
Uni Dex: #009
Evolves From: Mizuox
Evolves Into: None
Pronunciation: $ Fridge-err-ox $
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 102 Species: Formidable Pokémon
Attack: 94 Type(s): Water Ice
Defense: 85 Height: 5' 05"
Special Atk: 98 Weight: 197.3 lbs
Special Def: 79 Abilities: Torrent
Stat Total: 545 Gender: 19.7% ♀/ 80.3% ♂

Fridgerox is a Water/Ice type Pokemon in the Uni region that evolves from Mizuox and is the final evolution of the Aquox chain.


  • Fridgerox marks the first evolution of a starter that is a water/ice type