Formig is a bug type Pokemon.
Formig form
It is one of the few Pokemon in the Uni region to have visual differences depending on it's gender.


There is a 50% chance of a Formig being male, and 50% of it being female.


The male is always a light blue. It has oval patterns on it's body, and oval shaped pincers over the sharp ones the female have. It also sports hanging yellow eyebrows instead of antennas. Has bright red eyes.


The female is always a relatively dark red. It doesn't have any patterns, but does sport what seems to be a yellow collar or neck. It has two yellow antennas over eyebrows, and sharper legs to help it dig. Has green eyes.

How To GetEdit

Formig can be found normally in most grass, but stronger ones can occaionsally be found hanging off a web in a tree.