Artwork General
Fooliage summer
Uni Dex: #023
Evolves From: Spruit
Evolves Into: Groviant
Pronunciation: Fool-ee-edge
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 75 Species: Seasoned Bush Pokémon
Attack: 50 Type(s): Grass (2nd Type varies) Bug Ground Ice
Defense: 55 Height: 2' 08"
Special Atk: 45 Weight: 45.7 lb
Special Def: 60 Abilities: Leaf Guard, Flower Gift
Stat Total: 345 Gender: 50% ♀/ 50% ♂

Fooliage is a unique Pokemon in that its type and forme changes with the season. It evolves from Spruit, and are known for camouflaging themselves with their bushes when in danger.


Fooliage's type and forme changes depending on the season. Here are the types the formes will have as well as the season it changes.

Spring - Grass/Bug

Summer - Grass

Autumn - Grass/Ground

Winter - Grass/Ice


  • Interestingly, Fooliage still has it's leafs and branches in the Winter time even though it should have fell between the Autumn/Winter seasons


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