Artwork General
Uni Dex: #003
Evolves From: Leazard
Evolves Into: Thornaceral
Pronunciation: $ Thorn-ack-seral $
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 80 Species: Lizard Pokémon
Attack: 74 Type(s): Grass Dragon
Defense: 51 Height: 3' 04"
Special Atk: 57 Weight: 113.4 lbs
Special Def: 66 Abilities: Overgrow
Stat Total: 389 Gender: 19.7% ♀/ 80.3% ♂

Dracmoss is a grass/dragon type Starter Pokemon, and the evolved form of Leazard.


  • It is the first Pokemon to have the grass/dragon types
    • Due to this it's past weakness, fire, only does regular damage