Hey there! My name is Damien. I am the water, grass, and fire elite 4 member from the city of Bae. My partner is M


izushock! We've been together since both of our Pokémon journey started. We do everything together. If you want the Unity Badge come and battle me, I'll always accept your request!

The Unity Badge Edit

The Unity Badge shows that you defeated me in battle. It is a symbol of friendship with your Pokémon.


Unity Badge

The two circles inside one represent, you, your Pokémon, and your friendship. You and your Pokémon have an unbreakable friendship if you can obtain this badge.

Gym Edit

My gym is located in the city of Bae. It is a town that has been unaltered ever since it was founded. My gym is water themed of course! It has an old-fashioned moat, two waterfalls on each side, and a river running through. It also has a circle of land in the middle, and some other land. It's open roof lets rain come in. Since I am now an elite 4 member, I rarely use it.

My Pokémon Edit

Even though I'm a water and fire type Elite 4, doesn't mean I have to have all those types of Pokémon. I catch all sorts. I also even have a pokemon to cat my opponents off-guard! Here is my list:

1. Petropica

2. Pholge

3. Flameboyan

4. Shipperark

5. Blazieval

6. Destinorus