My apperence.

Yo i'm Burnie(Gym Leader Name)! The fiery pumped up Gym Leader of the Obsideon City Gym! I run the whole thing here and train all the time! Hmmm so you think that's tough... then how bout a battle with me! I'm gettin fired up!~Gym Leader Quote&nbsp

Burnie is the Fire Type gym leader that you fight on this wiki. He lives and trains in Obsideon City, where he runs his gym.


Burnie is a trainer who has dark red hair. He also tends to wear a black/gray jacket and is almost never seen without it.


Burnie is very energetic. He can be quite sarcastic. He is always looking for trainers and loves to train with his Pokémon partner Pegasear.


  • I'm gettin' fired up!~ Before battle takes place
  • Hmmm your good! But i'm not burning out just yet!~Midst of Battle



Pegascorch is Burnie's trusty partner Pokémon (evolved from Pegasear). It is a Fire/Flying type that doesn't let its guard down and is always ready for anything Burnie calls in battle. It might just evolve again...


Gryflame is another one of Burnie's Pokémon. It is also a Fire/Flying type Pokémon that is fierce and soars high through the open sky and dives down into victory.


Bisear is Burnie's third Pokémon who's good offence is his great defence.