Badges are valuable items that prove you defeated a gym leader. Each gym leader has their own unique badge. There are eight in total.

Badge ListEdit

Gym BadgesEdit

  • Jevann Badge- Earned after defeating gym leader Kai.
  • Eye Badge- Earned after beating gym leader Nile. It shows you can see through the dark in the midst battle.
  • Flame Badge - Earned after defeating gym leader Badao. It shows that you have a burning spirit inside for battle.
  • Magma Badge- Earned after deafeating Gym Leader Burnie.
  • Unity Badge - Earned after defeating Gym Leader Damien. It shows you and your Pokémon have a friendship, in and out of battle, that cant be broken.

Elite Four BadgesEdit

  • Dragon Badge - Earned after beating Elite 4 Omega
  • Chill Badge - Earned after defeating Elite 4 Merrick

Champion BadgeEdit

  • Champion's Badge - Earned after beating Champion Kululu

  • flame badge from badao
  • jevann badge from kai
  • champion badge from kululu
  • dragon badge from omega
  • mine badge from merrick
  • eye badge from Nile
  • The Magma Badge from Burnie (Pizza)
  • The Unity Badge from Damien