Badao is the name i wont go easy on any challenger.

If you want to challenge me. meet me in a chat at any time i'm there.

I am a citizen from a town called Akiba. A peaceful and calm place. I am different to the others because i have a burning spirit that other citizens don't have.

My badgeEdit

My badge represents the burning spirit i use for battling. the badge shows that you too have the fire that i have. I am usually calm but the fire rises as i enter a battle.

My PokémonEdit

My partner is Glowthratrex but I also have Trigoon, Lavagon, Dragoid, Freezy, Mixura, Scleech (I bought), Dinoflame, Slimo, Chillat (soon to be evolved into Freezat) and Metratric.

  • glowthratrex
  • dragoid
  • trigoon
  • lavagon
  • Freezy
  • Mixura
  • Scleech
  • Dinoflame
  • Chillat
  • Metratric


my badge the flame badge